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Elementary school, middle school, high school 


What we want from YOU

  • 5-6 minute video performance that best captures your performance

  • 5 min introduction video:
    Who are you?

$200 PRIZE

Undergraduate and graduate students


What we want from YOU

  • 5-6 minute video performance that best captures your performance
    Chamber music submissions are welcome, and you may apply as a group if you wish. 

  • 5 min introduction video:
    Who are you?

    Video introduction explaining personal connection with music and future goals, plans, and visions. Should include name, current hometown, affiliated school, and instrument. No more than 5 minutes please!

  • Written personal statement:
    Your connection to music

    Written personal statement about your relationship with music, what that means to you, and what you will do with it (1 page)

  • Resume
    1-2 pages long

  • Letters of Recommendation
    Supplemental (optional)

$800 PRIZE


Our concerts throughout the season will contribute to each prize. 10 finalists (5 finalists each category) will be featured on one of our charity concerts and will receive compensation for their performance and efforts. 


You are a student with a passion for music!

Submit a $10 application fee
Applications for the scholarship are currently closed. Stay tuned for our 2023 cycle!

A note from Jarod Yap, Vision Possible CEO

"To me, music is a way for me to comprehend my life. It is an outlet for my creativity and imagination as I explore fantasies and sound worlds while engaging with my memories, feelings, and the world around me. While I develop my personal journey with the pieces I play, I resonate with the composers, their historical contexts, and thought processes. Music teaches me diligence, perseverance, and respect, and very importantly, connects me to an amazing community that fills my life with fun, purpose, and happiness. Whether or not one decides to pursue music professionally, studying music is an important component to one’s life and to understand humanity."

Who are we looking for?

  1. Someone who has high quality performance that demonstrates understanding and respect of the music, personality, and skill.

  2. Someone who applies and will apply lessons and experiences from music to impact the world in a meaningful way.



Amy Petrongelli


Amy Petrongelli Horizontal2.jpg

Lauded in the New York Times for her “admirable fluidity,” soprano Amy Petrongelli’s diverse performance career encompasses music from Haydn’s Creation in Carnegie Hall to Berio’s Sequenza III at the Radio Nacional Córdoba in Argentina. In 2020, Amy was honored with an Emerging Artist Award from the University of Michigan for her significant contributions to the field of music performance. Particularly at home in contemporary repertoire, Amy has premiered new works for organizations such as the Houston Grand Opera, New American Voices, and AEPEX Contemporary Performance and collaborated with members of Eighth Blackbird, Bent Frequency, Alarm Will Sound, Latitude 49, and the Metropolis Ensemble. Amy has also been a featured performer for organizations such as Five Boroughs Music Festival, the Casement Fund Recital Series, and the Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival. Amy is the vocalist and co-artistic director of the Khemia Ensemble, an ensemble dedicated to reflecting diverse perspectives in contemporary classical chamber music. Amy is currently an Assistant Professor of Voice at Baylor University and is the director of the Collaborative Piano Institute Vocal Academy summer program. 

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